North Cheektowaga Amateur Athletic Association to Celebrate 30th Season

North Cheektowaga Amateur Athletic Association to Celebrate 30th Season

Springtime, along with warmer weather, (finally) comes with some familiar sights and sounds: the resounding crack of a bat, the smell of hot dogs, the crunch of peanuts, and the taste of cotton candy. These are all staples of the experience one has at a baseball game, which has been around for over a hundred years. However, it wasn’t until 1986 that the North Cheektowaga Amateur Athletic Association (NCAAA) decided to start a league of its own.

NCAAA was formed when the two local sports leagues, U-Crest and Maryvale, decided to merge. The decision to merge was based on the fact that the two leagues were pulling athletes from the same pool of eligible players. This caused the two leagues performances to suffer and allowed other teams in the Western New York area to be stronger competitively. With the merger of these two leagues, NCAAA became a force in Cheektowaga.

There's An App For That!

There's An App For That!

There are some exciting things coming this year to North Cheektowaga Amateur Athletic Association’s sports teams.  The first? We’re getting an app, which we are labeling “MyNC”.  To answer your first two questions right off the bat, yes it’s free and yes, it will be available to both Android and iPhone users, but please, take that debate to another forum.

Inside the “MyNC” you’ll be able to see plenty of options.   To start off, some self-promotion on our end in the “About” section (it’s our app; we can do as we please) with a little run-down of what we offer, our Code of Ethics, and several ways of how you can get ahold of us.  Baseball, softball, football/cheerleading, and basketball will each have their own section.  Each respective sections when clicked, will provide you with tons of information including maps, directions, coaches and their contacts, schedules, game results, and standings.  

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Our Values

NCAAA (North Cheektowaga Amateur Athletic Association) is a non-profit organization, which provides the youth of our area to go out and make friends while participating in a sport, organized to be as safe and productive as possible.

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